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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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office have helped us to get information to businesses in a timely fashion. one of the things you'll notice about this plan it's heavily front load. we want to reach businesses ahead of the business registration dropping. our primary stakeholders are the mayor's office and this board of supervisors, the city agencies and small businesses the chamber of commerce, trade and advocate association and economic organization and neighborhood merchant groups and multiple community based organizations. i want to emphasize something when we reached out to individual they want to be
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helpful. this has been a collaborative project. so what are rae saying when we get out there. the taxes are changing in 9014 and the best thing to do is get educated and how they're going to change and consult a professional. under prop e it was approved by voters and the larger majority of businesses will not be impacted by the gross receipt taxes. you'll business tax in proportion e my may go on go down in some cases and up in other. this is our timeline. i want to emphasize extremely heavily front loaded. in your packet you have the
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business 1, 2, 3, 4 flier it will drop at the end of the january and brown will go to the 95 thousand businesses in san francisco. this is not the first time they're to hear about the tax changes. it will make you think what you need to do to get rode. we have our social media campaign chamber of commerce and trade and advocate organization. there is a 15 piece piece it is dropping and again, this is the final wrap up for the 2013 taxes. in february we'll launch a campaign on muni.
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i couldn't put this in your packet we have 5 hundred of this in the buses we have coincidence and teens and quails. we believe this is a good way to reach some of the smaller businesses and those who are traveling to san francisco to understand their business tax is changing. we really, really want to get ahead of the registration fee. in march i did not mean to step over february there is the library presentation which is february 6th at 2 o'clock in the main library. we partnered with the champ open this one and asked for rfp because it's in the latino room it only holds 90 1ri8dz that dropped on friday and by the
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time i left the office we have a smaller amount that if you want to come please. in march you'll see the library presentation a door to door outreach. a lot of the staff as they go out into the community have the philosophizers - >> you have it on the 2 o'clock in the afternoon are you going to be doing any pregsdz like that in the evening because most people work in the daytime. >> couple of things the first 6 will be during the day. we clot at 6 o'clock fwhats a peak time if you're a restaurant that's your lunch break it's
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post their peak so our goal for the first 6 is during the daytime and moving forward after the 6 also those presentations will change because the forms will be a different presentation and they been we'll change them to up the evening. we've made ourselves available with certain organizations like the march group it's going to bring a lot of different merchant groups together and we're going to try to do that based on the needs of their businesses and the times. so march is extremely important this is when our media campaign will begin. so you'll be seeing p.s. a's on the radios and local newspapers and getting the word out.
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heavily front loaded to get out in front of the registration fee. in april you'll see another library seminary. april, of course, is what we consider the golden month that's when the business registration fee e.r. wlos to when it gropes o drops. again, it drops and the deadline for payment is may 31st. all those continuing outreach with the different departments and with the small businesses and their distribution lists. so may the big month when the registration fee drops. which gets us to the fall and june or june of 2014. at this point, we're going to take a step back and do an evacuation of our outreach and
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look at it what worked and what was successful and shift our meg away from the business registration foe to get educated and learn highway how this works and connect people to get them to learning learn more about the forms and process through this new gross receipts tax. one of the things we've done is created a business advisory group which is represented from all over san francisco. large and small. we've met with them once in december and we'll be he meeting with them in february. here we're asking advise and federal bureau e feedback for the fields that are professionals in. kathleen duly is one of the
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members. we're looking for feedback and people to enable us to get the information outlining anti. how, you help. we ask you shire those through your e-mails and merchant associations and social networks and then notify your guests at the library. before i get to the questions part i really want to acknowledge a few people. i first want to acknowledge regunmen for whom so much of this project has been driven she's made herself and staff and all resources available and asking us how they can do better. i want to thank the director of the economic workforce
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demonstrate todd he asks how to remind san francisco businesses how they can be open. greg has completely turned his personal life up and down who goes to all the meetings. last week, we started at a bar at the 8:30 in the morning and ended at 8:30 at night. also gloria chang who's the communication person from the office of economic development. 0 how do we reach more people she wanted to know and so she's ever present in the project and
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i'm grateful to everyone. now questions >> questions commissioner white. >> i want to thank greg and mary ann you've been doing great outreach to get the information out to businesses is just probably the best i've seen in the city so far. and then secondly, on your outreach sheet i noticed in my is there a way to tie this into small business week >> yes. we're indefinitely working with regina to incorporate it in a way to reach again many, many, many merchant. >> yes. sorry about that. >> okay. great. >> commissioner riley. >> at the for the presentation my question is any of this outreach material going to be in different languages like chinese
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and spanish and a yes. the flier is translated 0 into chinese and spanish the library flier is being in the process of being translated but it's being translated into chinese and spanish. >> it's going to be in the language as well the presentation and a yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i wanted to extend my peeshgs to greg awe and ail. the commission advocated to make sure in the budget there was funding for the adequate outreach. because of that we have this - we have funds to be able to put together solid outreach and campaign materials. so i think a good job has been
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done it's easy to read and grasp. so i really want to extend my appreciation to mary ann and greg and gloria for your great work. wanted to make sure you got the presentation early on. the business is the calendar and other public workshops that maybe happening the calendar will be there. continue to direct people driver's license. i asked mary ann to provide the list of organizations we're familiar with and know about but please take a look at it and if
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there's action you know about send them to me or i'll get them to mary ann directly >> any other commissioner questions or comments. let's quickly open this up for public comment. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed and i just like to thank you both because i've hearing out there when i ask about this. i know you spoke that the association of realtors a year ago friday and it's going to be changes and it's changes for everyone. some people they're going to like the changes and others are not. i know you guys are taking the brunt of that or i want to say
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you're doing a great job so thank you. we're all ambassadors on this >> next item, please. >> that is items 8 and 9 which is the election of the officers from the vice president and want. item 8 is first, the following instructions apply to both. we're elect a vice president and want. for each office the secretary will call for names and all require a second next is to provide an opportunity for a statement and other commissioners can comment. following this the commission will ask for any public comment? and each order the names is received for each office they
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will serve a term of 12 months. nominations will be reopted if need be. any commissioner questions at this time? very good. we'll open namgsdz for the president of the smn commission >> commissioner riley. >> i nominate steve adams. i second. thank you. i have a nomination of the steve adams. any other nominations for president. seeing none, i'll conduct the roll call vote >> thank you each and every one of you do a lot for this
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commission and yet everybody does a lot for the small businesses in the city and i value everyone's opinion and we've done some good things and thank you. >> thank you commissioner president adams. any other commissioners comments on the namthsz. seeping we'll open this up for public comment any any public comment on this item? seeing none. we'll conduct a vote >> commissioner president adams. commissioner dooley. commissioner dwight. commissioner riley. commissioner white. commissioner president adams is elected open a vote of 5 votes to zero. that brings us to item 9 election of officers small business commission vice president. >> i'd like to animates
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commissioner white for vice president. >> second. >> any other namgdz seeing none, commissioner white. >> i'd like to thank you for the opportunity serve as president on the commission i've enjoyed the work. >> thank you, commissioner any other commissioners that want to comment. >> seeing none, are there any members of the public that want to comment for commissioner white for the vice president. >> seeing none, we'll conduct a roll call. >> commissioner president adams. sfool. commissioner dwight. commissioner riley. commissioner white. commissioner white is elected on a vote of 5 to zero.
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congratulations to both commissioners >> mr. president, that is the director's report. >> well, first, i want to say congratulations to commissioner president adams for your third 0 item term as the president and commissioner white for your second term. looking forward to 2014 with you. and so i'll get into my report and i'm going to be somewhat brief. a week before last the mayor is r had a state of the city and most of it was around affordability and the business items i want to highlight he brought out was his commitment to continue the 88 program that has been developed with the neighborhood. and continue on small business
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leading up and support for the business portal. those are 3 important things for the commission. and the mayor has - will be continuing his commitment on that. i want to make the announcement so on december 9th the commission approved a resolution to have the apply for the s b d c rfp and last friday open the 24th we received the official announcement that this o the contract has been granted so we'll be meeting in the next couple weeks to figure out how we will be working on
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facilitating that grant. once we'll have that flushed out you'll get the plan for the city program. a quick update the jobs are posted now and but we're still a ways away from it's a fairly laborious process even once the jobs are are do posted they're posted through the 8th district at large. there's testing and there's a period of some an individual to be able to consist about their test. it's a detailed and lengthy process and if all goes well timing wise we will know at least for one position around the end of march the other may
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take longer because there's a specific language requirement and an additional test. christen and i will be metro moot with dwp to start formalizing the permit process and structure. we do need to work out some discussions and how it will be done with dwp and, of course, get an absolute confirmation from them. the formula retail study the presentation was made to working groups and the planning commission last week phase one was presenting data. it did not the data didn't give any inclusive direction of any sort of concept or ideas in
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terms of - not necessarily rethinking but there are there other ways to take into account a formula retail control. we'll wait and see and commissioner dooley you attended one of the workshops so you'll be able to present that. and lastly it's a long list of legislation that's before the commission the legislation of policy committee we'll be hearing from later on today. and in the future. with that, i that concludes my report if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> can i gritting give a shout out to senate file you can't a she's been doing a good job. i want to give a shout you tell
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to her. i'm starting to hear from other people and posted online her presentations i wanted to give a shout out for her hard work >> i extend my appreciation she did a good job in calling for some of the stakeholders to review this with. a good group of people to present it to. >> okay. next item. >> the next item is item 11 president's report. >> i want to remove the item to our next meeting on february 9th. >> february 9th. >> do we need to take a vote on that. >> no. >> okay. and with that we've got the k0ur7b8 merchant dinner
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on february 6th. and we are already starting meetings in dialog for small business week 2014 already. so it's moving too fast. that's all i have at the moment and it brings us to item 12 vice presidents report >> yes. i attended the merchant meetings lecture and i'll be attending the diner on february 6th. >> thank you item 13 commissioners reports. >> commissioner dooley. >> i'll be attending the council district merchant diner on the 6. i attended the formula retail meeting to review.
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it was a little bit doipt to the stakeholders it was generally drawn by the center virile and we're looking forward to moving forward. i attended the neighborhood and empowerment meeting it was interesting to see the combination of merchant and residents working together to make their neighborhoods better and it was actually very moving from different people in the city about those things that people have done for their neighborhoods and merchants have done. it really was a very regarding evening.
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that's it for me >> commissioner commissioner riley. >> well, just wanted to let you know this friday is the year of the horse. >> great marry by other commissioner comments. seeing none, public comment is closed >> item 14 any public comment? >> any public comment on this item? for future meetings ins seeing none, public comment is closed next item. >> item 15 new business. >> any items for new business. i have one. and i know we had rachel in from dwp to talk about the clean team and i'd like to have a future meeting about getting merchant corridors more involved with the graffiti clean team.
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i know we have the giant sweep going on. you know, we have cpds and dwp doing things but we need to get the merchant corridors involved so as a future meeting >> i have one item too. it came to my attention about formula retail there was strong feeling of lack of employment by are minority groups in small business. i think we want to look at that and go over things and see what we can do to improve that situation >> any other items? seeing none, next item >> item 16 adjournment this is an action item.
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>> do we have a motion to adjourn. >> meeting adjourned. >> meeting adjournment at the nd
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meeting on february 18th at 1 o'clock p.m. and announcement of the electronic devices pr please be advised that the pages and other electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting and


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